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Membership Packages

Family Funeral Cover

Finite Club members have access to a Funeral benefit under Liberty Insurance that pays up to M20, 000.00 for you and your immediate family (YOU, YOUR SPOUCE AND CHILDREN ONLY)

Who can claim?

  • Legal partner/ spouse
  • Next of kin i.e. parent, adult child, brother or sister
  • If the legal partner passes on only the main member will be able to make a claim



  • All required legal documentation must be submitted with the claim
  • You need to have been a finite club member for 3 months
  • You have to join finite club before the age of 69
  • Finite club subscription must be up to date at time of death
  • At the end of the waiting period cover for natural event starts.

Get every copy of Finite Magazine

As Finite magazine is issued bi-monthly, club members are entitled to get their copies once the issue is on shelves.

Annual birthday presents and new baby born presents


Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us that we are growing, a birthday is a most special day in one’s life and as Finite club members we celebrate your day with you, from birthday to a new born. This what is done to show them how important they are to us.

Discounts on specific outlets

Because you are Finite club member you have to enjoy Finite life style, to make life easier, we have Salons, Restaurants, Car washes, Hotels and many more…..

As a Finite club member you get discount at the following places which are updated monthly.

MASERU:  Village Court Guest House    HLOTSE: Royal Beauty Palace   

                   Glow Beauty Spa                                    Utica Hair Salon

                   Perfect B Spa                                          Pinki Nail Palour

                   Bountiful Image Consult                          Big 5 Car Wash

                   Phano ea bophelo                                   Maputsoe Car Wash

                   Serene Flair Spa                                     Moleboheng Hair Salon

                   Scenery Guest House

                   SP Salon

MAFETENG: Ntebo Hair Salon

                      Motsekuoa Car Wash

                      Matlotlo Hair Salon

                      Mabokang Hair Salon

                      Ntebo Hair Salon

                      Ntjantja Hair Salon

                      Mamoeletsi Hair Salon

Discounted rates at Finite Magazine events

Finite club is all about giving our members great benefits and offers for less. It is how we turn as little as M100.00 a month in to a thousands of Maloti savings. Finite club members get the best rates ever in all our events.

Events like: Finite women Appreciation Awards

                    Networking Sessions